70UN Marine Compass


Floatable neck strap


Bracket that allows multiple mounting options


Fits in all boat types

70UN is a universal compass that can be used in its bracket as a steering compass or as a handheld sighting compass.

70UN can be installed in any inclination or position, even upside down. It is easily detached from the bracket to enable temporary sighting use or for security purposes. With a main steering scale on the horizontal part and direct reading on the vertical edge,

70UN is ideal for boats with a sitting as well as a standing helmsman. The curved lubber line enables swift and clear reading at a glance without parallax errors. If dropped in the sea – it floats! Suitable for small boats, kayaks, dinghies, canoes and more.


Accuracy ~ +/- 17.8mils/1°

Apparent card diameter ~ 70mm

Built-in compensator ~ Optional

Card type ~ Cone

Compatibility ~ Kayaks, powerboats, sailboats

Heeling Angle ~ Roll: 30° Pitch: 360°

Heel Angle Scale ~ No

Illumination ~ No

Materials ~ Acrylic, ABS

Mounting ~ Bracket, Handheld

Mounting angle ~ any

Temperature operating range ~ -10 to +70 °C

Variant ~ Magnetic North

Water resistant ~ Yes

Weight ~ 405g

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