Cross Trail 5X Headlamp

The most lightweight headlamp in our Cross trail 5 series. It’s a versatile, USB charged headlamp, with generous burn time and multi attachment options. Easy to use and easy to bring along, wherever you want to go.

Cross Trail 5X runs on a lightweight, rechargeable 1.2Ah-battery, placed in a multi attachment-case. The included attachments gives you the possibility to carry both lamp and battery on either your helmet, handlebar or headband. With generous burn time, full water resistance and USB-charging, Cross Trail 5X is a versatile and trustworthy all-round companion that will light up any path you choose to run, ski, or ride. 


Battery ~ Yes 1 x Li-Po 7.4V 1.2Ah / soft case

Battery Indicators ~ Flash warning, Green/Red LED

Beam pattern ~ Flow Light, Intelligent Light® – optimized light distribution

Carrying options ~ Bike attachment, Headband, Helmet attachment

Discharge time ~ Max mode -5: 2hs +20: 4hrs Med -5: 2.25hrs +20: 6hrs Mode: Min mode -5: 6hrs +20: 8hrs

Light distance ~130m, 80m,50m

Light modes ~ Max, Med, Min, Blink

Light output ~ Max 500lm, Med 250lm, Min 80lm

Material ~ ABS, Aluminium, PC, TPU

Water resistant ~ Yes

Weight ~ Battery: 83g Lamp Unit: 78g

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