Silva Headlamp Battery Holder 7.0A

The Battery Holder 7.0 keeps the battery in place and improves the comfort when you want to carry the battery on your head. You simply just slide in the battery and it stays in place.

The headlamp Battery Holder 7.0 is custom made to fit Headlamp Battery 7.0Ah from Silva. It is compatible with headlamps in the series Exceed, Trail Speed, Cross Trail and LR.

Combine the battery holder with Headlamp Extension Kit in order to enable even more flexibility.


  • Robust construction for steady and safe attachment
  • Simple and flexible to use
  • Compatible with Exceed, Trail Speed, Cross Trail series as well as LR2000 RC, LR1200 RC & LR600RC
  • Custom made for Headlamp Battery 7.0Ah

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