Silva Headlamp Battery Velcro Strap

The Battery Velcro Strap can be used to safely mount or attach Silva battery packs to your bike frame, the handlebar, your headband, or wherever you find it suitable to have the headlamp battery pack. The Velcro strap is compatible with all Silva rechargeable battery packs and all battery cases.

At Silva we continuously seek to develop our products for increased flexibility but also for improved comfort. With the Headlamp Battery Velcro Strap, you will get more mounting options for your headlamp battery when mainly biking but maybe also when skiing, running or hiking.


  • Velcro closing function.
  • Attach to bike frame or handlebars.
  • Fits all rechargeable battery packs.
Article number 38079
Compatible with

All Silva rechargeable battery packs

Water resistance

Water resistant – Withstands tough conditions

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