Silva Spike Jet Zoom Compass

The Spike Jet Zoom features a large magnifying lens for more detailed map reading. The rotatable housing has 360° graduation markings, extended orienteering lines and a grip friendly surface. Furthermore the baseplate features a detachable scale slider at the tip making it our most comprehensive orienteering baseplate compass.

By changing the scales to fit your current needs you can more easily plan your race. You can even detach the scale slider entirely in order to achieve additional transparency for quicker map reading. With the Spike Jet Zoom, you get 3 separate scale sliders, that can also be flipped, giving you a total of 6 different scales to choose from – 1:40 k, 1:7.5 k, 1:10 k, 1:15 k, 1:3 k, 1:4 k. The stencil holes for start and control markings are great when you want to create your own orienteering race.

What stands out in the Spike Jet Zoom in comparison to its siblings Spike Jet and Spike Jet Classic is the built-in magnifying lens. It provides more flexibility and enables detailed map reading at a glance – perfect when every second matters.


  • Silva Jet 2.0 needle. Unmatched needle speed and settling time.
  • Rotatable housing with 360° markings and N,E,W,S markings.
  • Attachable scale sliders: 1:40k, 1:7.5k, 1:10k, 1:15k, 1:3k, 1:4k
  • Comfortable and adjustable wrist strap.
  • Friction element for improved friction against the map.
  • Robust material that withstands tough treatment and conditions.
  • Stencil holes.
  • Large magnifying lens for precision map work.

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