Silva Walking Poles

These poles are made for walking just like you. These walking poles are made of 6061 aluminum with rubber handles for a good grip and adjustable wrist gloves that are easy to adjust to fit your hand and preferred feeling. The poles can be adjusted to any length between 105 cm and 140 cm with an easy twist-lock.

With these walking poles you can challenge the weather regardless of the season. Removable snow baskets are included as well as rubber paws that are shaped for smooth contact with asphalt or hard surfacs, and to follow your natural movement. The carbide tips are concave for good grip on easy trails. Snow baskets and rubber paws can also be bought as spare parts. These poles are really made for walking, just like you!


  • Made of robust 6061 aluminum
  • Rubber handles for good grip
  • Adjustable length between 105-140 cm, secured with twist lock
  • Snow baskets and rubber paws are included
  • Comfortable and easy to adjust wrist gloves


SKU 38125
Warranty 2 years


Ramp up your daily walks with Nordic walking poles from Silva. Walking with poles is a great way to exercise and could increase your metabolism by up to 50%. Poles are the perfect fitness tool and walking with poles is also popular with cross country ski athletes who often use poles in hilly terrain.

Supporting You

  • Flexible Length, 105-140 cm 
  • Flick-Lock or Twist-Lock
  • Tight & Comfortable Grip
  • Includes Paws & Snow Baskets

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