Trail Runner 4 Ultra Headlamp

This headlamp will not let you down. It comes with double battery packs to give you as much burn time as possible and is built to withstand all types of weather

Trail Runner 4 Ultra offers you a very generous burn time of 90 + 18 hours – which you can extend even further, by simply bringing some extra AAA batteries. It comes with a comfortable anti-slip headband, a SILVA Tyto safety light that makes you visible in the dark and an extension cord, which lets you carry the battery packs in your pocket. So regardless if your next race is for charity, a gold medal or simply because you love it, Trail Runner 4 Ultra will be a
perfect companion you can trust, all the way to the finish line.



Battery ~ Yes 1 x Li-Po 2.4Ah, 3xAAA case (AAA batteries not included)

Battery Indicators ~ Green/Red LED

Beam pattern ~ Intelligent Light® – optimized light distribution

Bulb type ~ 2 x semi high power LEDs

Carrying options ~ Headband

Charging method ~ USB

Charging time ~ 4h

Discharge time 3x AAA~ Max mode -5°C: 10hr +20 °C: 25h Med mode -5°C: 20hr +20 °C: 40hr: Min mode -5°C: 60hr +20 °C: 90hr

Discharge time 2.5Ah~ Max mode -5°C: 2hr +20 °C: 5h Med mode -5°C: 5hr +20 °C: 10hr: Min mode -5°C: 14hr +20 °C: 18hr

Light distance ~ 75m, 50m, 20m

Light modes ~ Blink, Max, Med, Min

Light output ~ 350 Lumen, 150 Lumen, 50 Lumen

Material ~ Aluminium, PC/ABS, TPU

Water resistant ~ Yes IPX5

Weight ~ 49g, 72g/84g with batteries

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