Our philosophy

What makes a Silva bag unique

Simplicity leads our way

Silva bags, packs and belts are made to be used, often and extensively. Our core approach is simplicity. Every product feature is there for a reason; to help you pack and carry what you need. All pockets and compartments are designed for flexible use, making your packing as easy as possible. Ergonomics, durability and visibility are our three constant companions as we let simplicity lead the way.

Comfortable & intuitive

A Silva bag, pack or belt is easy to adjust to your body and to the gear you carry. We always test and refine our products to be ergonomic, slim and out of the way – so you can focus on the activity.

Durable & Lightweight

Our bags and packs are often used for hikes, runs, XC skiing, commuting and marine activities. This puts high demands on their durability and weight. In our product development, that means materials and construction. We always strive to find solutions that match the challenges and adventures that the bag or packs are meant for.


All Silva backpacks are made to protect their contents from rain and dirt. They are either water-resistant or waterproof and always made of extra durable materials. You never have to worry about your gear, as it stays protected regardless of outside conditions.

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Find the right running vest, pack or belt for you

Choose the right gear for your activity

No matter if you are hiking in the mountains, commuting by bike to work or run through a rainstorm, we have got you covered with running vests, packs and waterproof backpacks.

Pack for running

When you're going out for a run, it's important to pack lightly and properly in a belt, vest or backpack with access to everything you need, even when you're in the middle of a run.