Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear



At Silva you will find equipment for hiking - both day trips and longer adventures. Among our hiking gear are headlamps and compasses for hiking, hiking backpacks, drybags and waterproof map cases for hiking, hiking poles and binoculars.

Headlamp for hiking and walking

Terra Scout is a hiking torch made of hemp fiber and recycled plastic and is available in three models. The headlamp has 300 lumens and alkaline batteries in the X and XT models, while the H has 350 lumens and is a rechargeable headlamp with a hybrid battery. Terra Scout has white and red light (for night vision) and is a perfect headlamp for reading in the tent, hiking or walking the dog.

Explore 4 is a waterproof headlamp of 400 lumens and is available in four different colors. The headlamp has a good burning time and 3 LED colors: white light, red for night vision and orange which facilitates map reading in the dark. The headlamp has alkaline batteries that you can replace with rechargeable ones.

Compass walking

Since 1933, we have developed durable and reliable compasses for outdoor adventures. With us you will find beginner's compasses that are easy to handle during the hike. Field is our easiest entry-level compass and Ranger is our most popular compass for beginners. Expedition is the compass for the advanced adventurer. It is available in several models, including as an objective compass and with a global needle.

Hiking backpack

The Strive Mountain Pack is a light running rucksack that can be advantageously used as a rucksack when you hike with a lighter pack. It is available in two sizes: 17+3 and 23+3 liters, has an ergonomic carrying system that distributes the weight evenly over the back and many smart compartments and functions.

Orbit is perfect for day trips and works just as well for work or school. The backpack is waterproof, holds 18 or 25 liters and is available in black and grey.

Drybags and waterproof map case hiking

Keep clothes and gear dry by packing them in waterproof dry bags in the backpack. Our drybags are made of a water-resistant and durable material, range from 3 to 38 liters and are color-coded so you can easily keep your pack in order. Choose from different models, such as Terra Dry Bags made from 100% recycled material.

Bring the Map Case map case on the hike to keep the map dry. The map case is available in three sizes and has an adjustable neck strap. The Waterproof Case protects the phone against water during the hike and is transparent on both the front and back so you can use the camera function through the case.

Hiking poles

Use Trekking Poles hiking poles or trekking poles to relieve your body and save energy in forests and mountains. The hiking poles are foldable and easy to pack down, have stable handles and adjustable length. They are available in three models where Trekking Poles Carbon are hiking poles in carbon fiber.

Binoculars - hiking

Silva's binoculars are designed for outdoor adventures - they are light and compact and made of a weather-resistant material.

The pocket binoculars are functional with fine optics and are optimal binoculars for hiking. Pocket 10X has 10x magnification and high-quality optical glass. Pocket 8X has 8x magnification and a slightly smaller lens – a light and handy little binocular that can be used by children. The Pocket 7X is a compact monocular with 7X magnification.