Since the Kjellström brothers founded Silva and invented the first liquid-filled compass in 1933, orientation has been close to our hearts. Today we supply high performance orienteering compasses, super bright orienteering headlamps, orienteering checks and stamps.

Orienteering compasses

Ever since its inception in 1933, Silva has driven the development of compasses forward and delivered world-class orientation compasses. The orientation compasses Arc Jet and Spike Jet were developed together with Tove Alexandersson and both series have the fast and precise compass needle Jet 2.0.

The Arc Jet compasses are thumb compasses for right- or left-handed orientation in various sizes. Choose between fixed capsule or rotatable capsule (Arc Jet 360). If you prefer a wrist compass, check out the Arc Jet OMC which is perfect for multi-athletes.

Spike Jet is a ruler compass for orienteering. The compass is available in three models, all with a rotating capsule and unmatched needle stability, with the Spike Jet Classic featuring replaceable scale lines and the Spike Jet Zoom being a ruler compass with magnifying glass.

Here you will also find beginner-friendly compasses for children: Begin 2 is a small but robust wrist compass with a rubber compass housing.

Feel free to store your compass in the protective Silva compass case.

Bulb orientation

Looking for a good headlamp for orienteering? Spectra O is Silva's strongest headlamp for orientation. The headlamp's 10,000 lumens turn night into day and are perfect for night orienteering and trail running where you want to maintain high speed in technical terrain. The headlamp has a rechargeable battery, head position with high comfort and remote control. You can also buy accessories such as a flexible battery harness.

Exceed 4R is another 2000 lumen orienteering torch with powerful light and lightweight battery.

Silva orienteering controls & orienteering markers

Reflective Marker is Silva's orienteering control that works just as well at professional competition as during school orienteering. The orientation controls are equipped with reflexes and can be used both during day and night orientation and are available in three different sizes.

OL Punches are Silva's classic orienteering punches that come in two versions: the A series and the B series. The kit contains 10 control stamps that you set up at each orientation control to mark the stamp cards.