Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles


Trekking poles

Silva’s trekking poles are excellent for mountain hiking, mountaineering or forest walks. The poles are lightweight and can be conveniently pushed together into three pieces and carried in your backpack, or attached to your backpack, when not needed.

The trekking poles are made of carbon or aluminium, with comfortable cork or handles in cork or foam handles, with adjustable wrist straps. Adjust the length up to 140 cm thanks to the easy aluminum locking system.

Choose between Trekking Poles Carbon made of carbon with cork handles, Trekking Poles Aluminium Cork in aluminium, or Trekking Poles Aluminium in aluminium with foam handles.

Hiking with trekking poles

With Silva’s lightweight trekking poles you reduce tension on your joints, especially when you walk with a heavy backpack for long distances or multiple days. Using poles will support your body and save your energy when hiking or trekking in the mountains.